Whale watching in St. Andrews

In southern New Brunswick, we live next to a real natural wonder. The Bay of Fundy, with its cool, deep waters and the highest tides in the world, sits quietly a few metres from my doorstep in uptown Saint John. But rarely do I get a chance to rides its waves and contemplate the wildlife that live within its depths.

For locals, whale watching may seem too touristy. But the idea is still novel to me, and I’ve always wanted to try it. When my friend Miranda came to visit on New Brunswick Day weekend, it was the perfect opportunity.

Armed with our SLR cameras, we boarded the Quoddy Link. It’s not a cheap trip at around $60 with tax, but for a three-hour cruise in lovely warm weather, we made the investment.

The finback whales rewarded us with quite the show. These animals are the second-largest whale species in the world, and the largest in the Bay of Fundy. They are up to 25 metres long, and weigh 70,000 kilograms. They live up to 80 years.

The Quoddy catamaran took us out into the chilly ocean waters somewhere between Blacks Harbour and Grand Manan Island. Before long, we saw whales spraying mist into the air. The captain slowed the motor and two or three whales came right up alongside the boat, showing their slick backs before diving back beneath the water. It seemed amazing they would stay nearby, given they can swim at speeds of 50 kilometres an hour.

Seeing these amazing animals up close was such a treat. For me, it was a reminder of the beauty of that lies in the cold salt water not far from my Maritime home.


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April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

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