We are young.


29 Great things about being 29
– I’m in the best shape of my life.
– I’m a homeowner.
– I can still pass for a university student.
– I’m old enough to know better, but young enough to still act like a kid.
– I tell stories for a living.
– I don’t own a car.
– I’m closer to my parents and siblings than ever, but I’ve never lived so far away.
– I’ve lived and worked in two provinces and one territory.
– I have money in the bank.
– I live with a man who loves me for me, encourages me, respects me and makes me feel beautiful every day.
– I have a cat that purrs so loudly, you can hear her from across the room.
– After 10 years of living away from home, I still feel like a farm girl.
– I can break into a dance just about any time.
– I love to smile, laugh and cry.

– I am a pianist, and though I don’t play enough, the language of music will never leave my soul.
– I never know what kind of story will cross my desk each day.
– I’ve learned how to live alone, but I’m glad I don’t anymore.
– I’ve learned how to mend my severely broken heart.
– I really love coffee, wine and chocolate. Who doesn’t?
– I still feel like the whole world is my oyster.
– I am surrounded by wonderful friends, both near and far.
– I enjoy and appreciate healthy foods now more than ever.
– I still eat McFlurries and donuts when I really want them.
– I can articulate my thoughts and gain the respect of my work contacts and peers.
– I feel less nervous tackling difficult stories, but I still get a burst of healthy anxiety now and then.
– I have two grandmothers and a grandfather who fill my heart with love.
– I am an aunt to two tremendous children who are most definitely the cutest in the world.
– I have learned that I can handle living on the cheap, getting laid-off, getting divorced and still come out relatively sane.
– I love myself.


Published by

April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

3 thoughts on “We are young.”

  1. Mom, Dad and I just read this now. I’m wiping Dad’s tears aside. I’m feeling compelled to turn your words into a song. 🙂 Just awesome, Ape! So proud of you! ❤

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