A little boost

The Irving Nature Park

It’s one of those days when you step outside and smell the salt in the air. The sky is heavy with fog, and it’s about 18 C. Perfect for a run.

After eating a banana and drinking a glass of water, I took a short drive to the Irving Nature Park, and parked at Saints Rest Beach. The run including the beach and the gravel road loop is about 8.5 K. I turned on my music and ran along the beach. The fog was so thick, I couldn’t see the Bay of Fundy to my left. Beads of dewy fog started to form on my skin, my hair, my brows and lashes. So damp, but cool and refreshing.

I kept running and powered up the first hill. I told myself I could take a little walking break after three songs. After the third song, I felt great. Not a bit of fatigue, in fact. So I didn’t stop. And amazingly, that strong, calm feeling lasted throughout the run. I somehow found that elusive, perfect place where you’re comfortable, yet exhilarated. Heart beat strong and steady, breath smooth. Music pumping, legs moving in a rhythm.

This was my best run in a while. And after my rough time last weekend, I needed that confidence boost. I finished the run in about 51 minutes, at a pace of 5:54/km. Not bad, considering my fasted pace has been 5:30/km.

So this is what tapering is all about. This was my third relatively short run this week, with one more to go on Sunday. A couple more next week, then it’s time to rock the half-marathon. Bring it!

Until then, keep checking back. Starting Tuesday, I’ll have some expert advice on nutrition for runners, and I have a few other ideas up my sleeve.


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April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

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