Running love

Mark and I at the Hampton 5-Miler in 2011.

The only thing better than finishing a great run is finishing a great run with someone you love.

Last weekend, Mark and I ran our second race together: the Hampton 5-Miler. We also ran the same race together in 2011.

Mark is not as passionate about running as I am. In fact, he claims not to like it much at all. But I know one thing he does like, and that’s beating me. That’s OK. I let him.

A month after my half-marathon, I was still feeling fit and strong for this 5-miler. I was eating and resting well, doing more yoga, and clocking just enough mileage to keep a spring in my step. Mark didn’t do too much to prepare for this race, except go on a couple short runs.

Last year, my time was about 47 minutes, and Mark came in a minute ahead of me, at 46. This year, my goal was to get in around 45. Mark, who wasn’t as confident with his training, just wanted to finish without any major issues.

We both killed it. Mark’s time was a smokin’ 42:55. I came in at 44:38, beating my goal. I placed 10th out of 24 women in the 20-29 age group.

It was all just for fun, but we were flying high. We couldn’t believe it. We were so proud of each other, and talked in depth about every hill and knoll, twist and turn. The water stops, the humidity, the last leg and the finish line. Running gives me such a boost. It’s such a rush and it’s so much fun to share the experience with other runners. But experiencing that with my man is just the best.

Now we’re both re-inspired and thinking about what races to sign up for next.

On another happy note, my runner friend Kevin pointed out that I (somehow) made the top 20 rankings for the New Brunswick Running Room Super Series in my age category (and I’m the oldest!). The ranking comes from points I earned for how well I did in Super Series events this year – including the YSJ 10K and the Hampton 5-Miler.


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