Cape Spencer

Standing on a cliff's edge on Boxing Day
Standing on a cliff’s edge on Boxing Day

My bf and I love to explore new places – especially when they are in our own beautiful region. Cape Spencer has been on my list of places to check out for so long.

Cape Spencer is on the rocky shores of the Bay of Fundy just east of Saint John’s city limits. Take Red Head Road all the way to the end. The drive through the community of Red Head is beautiful.

On Wednesday we still had no snow, but it was cold. So we were able to get out and explore the area around the Cape Spencer lighthouse, which was built in 1983. A lighthouse has existed in that location, on a steep cliff overlooking the bay, since 1873.


Just around the corner from the rocky land (above) is the imposing Canaport LNG terminal and Mispec Beach, which has been stricken with a lack of funding due to Saint John city budget cuts. Storm erosion has caused some damage at the once-popular beach but the city is looking at getting disaster relief funding to pay for some repairs.

Cape Spencer is blissfully out of sight from industry. We could see a fishing boat, tiny in the distance, out in the frigid yet peaceful bay waters. We imagined how lovely and exciting it would be to explore these coves by kayak.


A giant boulder in the water makes you feel so small. My bf says in the summers, teens will climb the rock and there is a place to lay out and catch some rays.

A short goat-path leads to toward a steep cliff. The air is fresh and exhilarating. I’ve heard the fog horn on the lighthouse can be quite startling… so don’t stand too close to the edge!

After seeing the cape, we ventured back to Mispec, walked along the cold beach and climbed the rocks to get a view of a quaint little fishing wharf.

We walked a short trail, the cold, snowless ground crunching underfoot, before heading home.


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