Spring races

It almost makes me nervous to type this, but I am officially declaring here that I intend on running my second half marathon on May 12 in Fredericton.

I am in Week 4 of a roughed-out plan based on a Running Room training plan I found online. I’ve exchanged a couple runs per week and added in boot camp and spinning for good measure. And, I’m trying to stick with my plan of doing yoga at least once every two weeks. This time around, I want to feel stronger (and therefore faster!). The only problem with spring races is you’re training in the winter. I don’t know how people like Miranda and Molly do it. I can take the cold to a point, but not the snow, muck and slush. For now, I’m mostly sticking with the treadmill/dreadmill. But no one will ever tell you running more than 40 minutes on one of those things is fun.

Heading to the gym after work. I am not running in this.
Heading to the gym after work on Tuesday. I am not running in this.

Just to make things interesting, I’ve already signed up for the YSJ 10K the week before the half. It’s crazy to think that last year at this time I had never come close to running 10K in one go before. So it was a big deal when I blew away my goal time of 1 hr, coming in at 55:23 in last year’s airport run. In my second 10K run in Moncton last October, I ran the distance in 53:43. So now, the pressure is on. I wonder if I can do it in under 53 minutes? This year’s run will be in the evening, on the runway, under the runway lights. So unique! To make the airport run extra special, I will be running with a bunch of workmates. We are going to kick some serious journalism butt.

This is how it feels to finish 10K faster than you thought you ever could. This was at last year's YSJ race.
This is how it feels to finish 10K faster than you thought you ever could. This was at last year’s YSJ race.

Speaking of journalists running fast, we will be combining that healthy lifestyle with a pint or two of beer at the Pete’s Pub St. Paddy’s Dash on March 17. The run only costs $5 for roughly 5k and supports the Canadian Cancer Society. There is also free chili afterward. You can’t deny this sounds like a great time. Anything cheap, involving food and drinks is appealing to journalists. The running is a means to an end.



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