Best long run, ever

I’m so proud of how well my run went today. Close to 18 kilometres, and I didn’t feel like death at the end. In fact, I felt so awesome and happy, and strong, and I kept feeling good all day.

I’m technically ready to run a half-marathon. But the Fredericton race is still more than a month away, which gives me lots of time to keep improving (and take a bit of time off in Jamaica next week!)

I woke up feeling nervous, a bit unsure of myself and tired. I had to get an early start because I had a full day at the newspaper ahead of me.

I ate pizza last night. Not the healthiest, but I thought with 18K and more than 1,000 calories to burn, why not. And it’s carbs.

So for breakfast, I had a small bowl of multi-grain cheerios and a bite of a banana. Swigged some water and hit the road by 8 a.m.


In my fuel belt I brought water, two whole wheat fig bars and a date. Also tissue for my lingering cold (which is pretty much gone now – my doctor was right!).

It was cool, about -5 C, but sunny, so I wore three light layers and my hat. I wore a Lululemon Swiftly T-shirt, a long-sleeve Nike shirt, and my Nike jacket over top, all with my trusty Lululemon running pants. Turned out to be just enough clothing.

I was kind of worried that my stomach would not have enough time to digest, but I started out feeling pretty good. The route I chose is mostly downhill for the first 5K, so you have lots of time to warm up.


Everything about the run was pleasant. The streets were quiet and dry. The sun was bright and warm, despite the cold temperatures. I saw so many happy runners out there. We all smiled and waved at each other, something I love about the running community here.

And my energy was consistent. I found a pace and stuck with it. Even with keeping with 1-minute walk breaks every 10 minutes, I kept up a pretty good pace, sticking close to 6 min/km. This is my goal for the half.

Since I’m heading south for my friend‘s wedding from April 14-21, I will be taking my long runs directly before and after the trip. That means I’m up for 12K on Friday, and another 18K after I get back. Hopefully I’m not too drained. While I’m away, I’m just planning on doing three short runs, probably on a treadmill, and some strength training at the resort gym.

Has anyone else out there managed to sneak in a vacation in the middle of their training schedule?


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April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

4 thoughts on “Best long run, ever”

  1. Re: vacation in the middle of training. The weekend before I did Around the Bay, Graham and I went to Montreal for St. Patrick’s day and drank our faces off for 48 straight hours. I did one short run in the week and some strength training and yoga, and had one of the best runs of my life. 🙂 You’ll be great and we’ll run in Jamaica! Maybe we should do a short, barefoot beach run! Good for your calves 🙂

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