Tropical runs, mon

Somehow, there are only 19 days left until my half-marathon. How did this happen?

Well first, I got the worst cold ever. After my last long run, the 18K, I went downhill, fast. I got bronchitis. Right before going to Jamaica. I cut out running for the full week before my trip. My head and my sinuses filled up and my cough was rampant, painful, deep. I could barely make it out for a walk around the block, let alone a run.

Then, I went to Jamaica.

Riu Negril
Riu Negril

Needless to say, I healed quickly in the warm air and beautiful sun. But wow, was it ever hot. More than 40 C with the humidity.

I had planned on trying to run about 15K when I was there, split into three runs. It didn’t happen, but I did my best.

On one day, I hit the treadmill in the resort gym. The air conditioning was broken. I chose a treadmill near an open window but there was absolutely no breeze. I managed to crank out just below 5K in 30 minutes. I was a sweaty beast. It was like running in a hot yoga studio.

The second run was more fun but equally tough. I hit the beach with my dear friend and fellow running blogger, Miranda, who got married during the trip. We ran along Bloody Bay in Negril, past several resorts. We were running for a bit longer than 30 minutes, probably around 5K. It was so hot, we had to take a couple walk breaks. We were literally dripping with sweat and our heads were pounding. It was only 9:30 a.m. but so, so hot. How do those Jamaican runners do it?

So here I am back in Canada. No more excuses. Only three weeks to go. I need to get on this!


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