Donuts, head colds and exhaustion


All of these things are not conducive to running.

But I am not going to force myself to run regardless. I’m taking a little break, for as long as I need.

Back in April, I had a bit of a cold, but I kept up my running routine without slowing down. The cold ended up lasting more than a month and turning into bronchitis, nearly derailing not just my half-marathon training but an awesome trip to Jamaica.

Ever since I finished two successful races earlier this month – the 10K at the airport and the half-marathon in Fredericton – I have laid off. I still go to my CrossFit bootcamp twice a week, and I did a spinning class on Saturday, but not much running has been happening.

I really want to be running. But since I don’t have any new race commitments (yet!) I’m not going to push it.

Well, I say that, but then I still ended up coming down with yet another cold this week. I’ve been running ragged. Just normal life stuff. Work, transportation issues and early dental appointments have depleted my sleep (which, for me, sets up the perfect conditions for a cold).

And then there was this:

The Filthy Fifty
The Filthy Fifty

Probably the toughest workout I’ve ever done. Fifty reps of each activity listed here. I was OK until the wall balls, but my ball was too heavy (14 lbs) and I had no gumption left. I kind-of started to cry. I had that hopeless I can’t do it feeling. Then I came home and felt so tired I almost immediately went to bed.

Hard workouts and my self-pity aside, the point of this post was to reinforce the importance of rest, one of the key elements of staying healthy.

923205_506141296101137_1854037719_nLife is busy and it’s too easy to let sleep and proper rest (even resting your brain, shutting off the screens) fall to the back-burner.



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April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

3 thoughts on “Donuts, head colds and exhaustion”

  1. I’ve been there April. I know exactly how you feel. Just take a restorative break, and you’ll be ready to kick some butt next time. PS – that workout is the most intense thing ever. I’m tempted to try it with Graham one day and see who bails first! hah.

  2. I did a filthy fifty this morning!! It was hard. We had burpees last and I really felt like I was about to pass out, so I had to bail before doing them. Did the other 9 exercises though!! Mad respect to you.

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