Sunny days

Just got back from a sweet 6.5-kilometre run with my favourite running buddy at the Irving Nature Park.

INPRun 002I had the morning off and Mark works night shifts so he had just got home from work. It was a rare warm, sunny morning, so we set out for the park, one of our favourite spots in Saint John.

It was also a chance for me to wear some new running gear I recently picked up during a shopping trip in Maine.

INPRun 003

I have stayed away from the trendy Nike shoes from this point, but I couldn’t resist these fluorescent orange sneakers I picked up from the Nike outlet in Freeport. They are LunarGlide shoes, so they are sleek but they still have support. I have already tried them for some short runs, CrossFit and the gym, but this was the first run beyond 5-K. They feel light and comfortable so far. Not sure how they will be for longer distances, though.

INPRun 004

I also purchased my first gear from Under Armour. The bright green running shirt it awesome. It’s loose, moisture-wicking and very comfortable.

The pants I’m not completely sold on. They’re compression tights with a lot of stretch. I like the wide waist band but even though I got a size small, they still seem to shuffle down just a touch when I’m running. I have to keep hiking them up. I like Lululemon pants better. But these are still cute.

INPRun 006

We finished the run in just over 37 minutes. We thought we were going a lot faster, but those rolling hills kept us on our toes.

I managed to keep up with Mark for the whole run but he sped ahead for the last stretch. Men.

Overall, a lovely, pleasant run. Welcome back, summer!


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Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

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