I Do

Photo by Nancy Thomas
Photo by Nancy Thomas

The morning we eloped on Prince Edward Island, I ate a big breakfast of a bruschetta poached egg with toast, rested in the honeymoon suite of a quaint bed and breakfast, and went for a run.

It was warm and lovely. I stopped to visit an art gallery, and spoke to the artist, running gear and all. I ran by the historic Kensington train station and onward toward the Cavendish French fry factory. I followed the Confederation Trail past red dirt potato fields.

Kensington, PEI

It was a perfect way to burn off what little nerves I had before we said our “I do’s” in the most romantic place we know.

Our wedding was unique and our own. It was our little secret, worked within a sweet little vacation to PEI.

The trip, like the wedding, was quiet and simple. Stroll a beach, eat Cows ice cream, soak in a hot tub, repeat. We ate decadent meals and we totally relaxed.

During this vacation, I realized that for me, staying active is a big part of relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s a great way to experience a new place and generally feel good.

During my vacation week, I managed to get in five workouts, but it didn’t seem like work at all. Aside from my 6-K run in Kensington, Mark and I ran a swift 4-K along the Gulf Shore Parkway at sunset. There is nothing like watching the red sun roll over the horizon in this part of the world. After the run, we did some random planks, squats, push-ups and “box jumps” onto benches. (Married bliss?)

The next day, we rented bikes and returned to the parkway, which connects Cavendish and North Rustico by a paved bike trail in PEI National Park. It was warm, but the breeze off the ocean made the ride comfortable through mostly flat terrain, with some rolling hills.


When we returned home, I snuck in a spin class to work off any post-wedding jitters, and there were some, because we still had to tell everyone we knew. We were prepared for a range of reactions, but everyone was so happy for us.

And on Sunday, I did my weekly long run in preparation for Marathon by the Sea. It was 14-K at the Irving Nature Park (two loops plus the beach) and it was sprinkling rain, which felt nice.

I returned to work on Monday a new person. A bona fide married woman, refreshed and feeling good. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?


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