Tweaking the training plan

At the Grotto, Bruce Peninsula National Park, with my sister, Kelsey
At the Grotto, Bruce Peninsula National Park, with my sister, Kelsey

It felt so good to roll into our driveway yesterday, open the door and see our kitty, smell our house and sleep in our own bed. But sometime today it hit me: that mournful feeling that vacation is over. My energy felt zapped. Motivation, zero.

This is not a good time to have zero motivation. The Marathon by the Sea is only three weeks away, and I’ve already missed two long runs. Our drive from New Brunswick to Ontario and back meant four days on the road. And during our time in Ontario, visiting my family on the Bruce Peninsula, it was hot. Oh so hot.

The heat made exercising difficult. I managed to sneak in two short runs (falling one short of my goal). For both, I crawled out of a hot farmhouse around 7:30 a.m. and into my clammy running gear, huffing and puffing up and down Bruce County Road 9, swatting deer flies as I went. It wasn’t the pleasant country run I had pictured when I packed my Garmin for my annual summer sojourn at home.

After the second one, Kelsey joined me for a homemade boot camp session. We did three rounds of 10 picnic table jumps, 30 walking lunges, 10 pushups and a roughly 200 m run.

Other vacation physical activities included fairly short, hot hikes, lots of swimming, jumping on the trampoline with my niece and nephew and dancing the night away at a good friend’s wedding. I guess watching my family recover from haying square bales doesn’t count.

Now, back in Saint John, it’s pouring rain and the fatigue has set in. After making some tweaks, I’m hoping this revised training plan will get me to the finish line at a reasonable time.

It starts tomorrow. Get up before work and run 10 km. I have to write it here, or else I’ll hit the snooze button.

run plan


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April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

One thought on “Tweaking the training plan”

  1. You’ll be amazing April! Vacation + a training plan is hard, but you’re in great shape. Can’t wait to read about a new PB in a few weeks 🙂

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