Hampton 5-Miler

Mark and April before the Hampton 5-Miler
Mark and April before the Hampton 5-Miler

Drizzling rain, grey sky, the slightest sting of a sore throat – I never believed it could culminate in my fastest race pace to date.

I ran the Hampton 5-Miler in 42:30 today, blasting away my goal of beating last year’s time of 44:44.

I did not, however, meet my goal of beating Mark. He is always just slightly out of my reach. He ran the 8-kilometre race in 42:09. Not only that, but his friend Kevin also beat me – by four seconds, breezing by me on the final stretch.

The dudes who beat me, Mark and Kevin
The dudes who beat me, Mark and Kevin

It’s all in good fun. We all pushed each other to do our best. And as Kevin’s five-year-old daughter said today, everyone who crosses the finish line wins.

The Hampton event, located just east of Saint John, is always a favourite. This was our third year participating, which is hard to believe. It has been gratifying to see improvements in our speed every year.

This year was our rainiest experience by far, but it didn’t seem to matter.

I was so proud to keep up the pace I did, averaging 5:15 mins/km (my goal was 5:25!). It resulted in a placement of 16/74 in my age group.

The great thing about this course is that although it is hilly, there seems to be more downhill stretches than up. My strategy was to run as fast as I could comfortably go for the downhills, and stay on my goal pace the rest of the time. I also didn’t stop for water.

It was great seeing so many familiar faces, which also sometimes boggles my mind when I think just four short years ago I didn’t know a soul in this province. Everyone I spoke to seemed to shave time off their previous races or seemed very pleased with their performances.

_DSC7038 cropped

My next run on the fall circuit will be the Run or Dye colour run in Halifax, which should be a blast.


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