Colour me crazy

“How did the wig stay on?” my sister wrote on Facebook after I posted this pic on Saturday morning:

Julie, Jen, Amy, April and Katie before Run or Dye
Julie, Jen, Amy, April and Katie before Run or Dye

A group of girlfriends and I had dragged ourselves out of bed, threw on some fun, colour-themed costumes and met up with our Halifax-based friend Katie to take part in Run or Dye. It was in Windsor, Nova Scotia, on the other side of the Bay of Fundy in the Annapolis Valley. We had driven more than four hours the night prior (after a very full day at work). We were tired.

We should have known after we heard there were between 5,000 and 7,000 participants to expect traffic jams around the single-lane backroads leading to Ski Martok.

As soon as we left the main highway, the line of cars was several kilometres long. We started to worry we would be late (and worse, run out of gas). But our mighty and mohawked driver, Jen, got us to our destination with time to spare. The only problem was we lost Katie, who was in another vehicle with her work buddies, along the way.


By about 10 a.m., we walked a short trail to the starting corral. Colourful powder was everywhere. Tutus abound.


Very energetic DJ-type guys were in a tall stand at the starting line. They did their best to hype up the crowd, throwing more colour on runners who might already have been buzzing from free Red Bull that was provided in our race packs. They released packs of tie-dyed runners in groups of 50 or so. Finally it was our turn to run.

With all the pent-up anticipation, we were ready to rip. But the trail was muddy, narrow and full of walkers. It was hilly and difficult to navigate. Our pack of four stuck together not too worried about our pace – the event was not timed.

Several colour stations were situated throughout the trail. Bursts of yellow, green and purple popped through the morning air. It got kind of addictive. It made you want more and more colour – on your face! on your arms! on your clothes! Give me more!

And yes, the wig did stay on over my mop of hair.

Before long, we had made it the end of what felt more like an obstacle course than a race. Someone said the 5K trail was actually 3.8K. It definitely felt short.

Scores of colourful runner were hanging out on a big lawn after the race. A stage was set up with a DJ pumping up another crowd. We took in the sights, grabbed some more fun photos, and headed out for Halifax.

Amy and April
Amy and April

The traffic wasn’t as bad on the way out. It also helped that we found a short-cut down another back road.

We were happy to get an early check-in at our Halifax hotel. We were not as happy about how much scrubbing was required to get the gunk off our skin. Yesterday I was still finding purple bits on my q-tips.

But we managed to get ourselves presentable again, and head out for a night on the town to celebrate Amy’s birthday. We also reconnected with our friend Katie. We hit up Lululemon, a few other stores, and then dined at the Wooden Monkey.

April, Amy, Julie, Katie and Jen at the Wooden Monkey
April, Amy, Julie, Katie and Jen at the Wooden Monkey

Overall, an excellent girls weekend, and a running experience I won’t soon forget.


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