Exercise is good for you

This week I remembered a simple lesson: the more you run, the better you feel.

Even when I didn’t feel like it, or if it was a long day at work, I got myself to the gym for a couple treadmill runs. And on Friday morning before work, I did a very laid-back 5-km outside. It was about four degrees and no rain, so quite comfortable for a run.

You can see the ocean in the background!

I really didn’t feel like running, but just the fresh air outside made me feel better. Once I warmed up, the run felt great. I wore two thin layers on top, my Buff headband (which is so great for cool or warm weather) and some very disappointing new fleece-lined pants. The pants were a deal from Costco – two for $12, and I should have known they wouldn’t cut it for running. Maybe I just got a size too big, but they definitely did not stay up very well. I had to keep hiking them throughout the run.

After the run, I was short on time so I hit up Tim Horton’s for lunch before a later shift at work… and I quickly ruined my workout with this:


I can’t resist candy cane donuts. Just can’t.

Today, I went to my regular Saturday morning spin class with friends. If it weren’t for them, I probably would not be able to get out of bed.

Overall, it still feels like I’m taking it easy from the half-marathon training days (which included the bulk of 2013). And it still feels weird not to have something to train for. But just getting moving more is helping a lot. Can’t even imagine how there was a time that I didn’t run at all.

On a separate note, take a look at this short documentary, The Runners. The filmmakers thought people would let their guards down while running… something I have experienced first-hand with a couple of my favourite interviews on this blog, with Joy and Julia. Thanks for sharing this, Molly!


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