Get out and run!

It was rainy, slushy and dark. There were many reasons not to run last night. But I did anyway, and in large part because of two text messages.

One was from my mom, who was on a high after performing with my dad in a choir Christmas concert. Mom said she “lived it.”

“I guess it’s my running-type of euphoria!” mom wrote.

Around the same time, I received a text from my friend, who had just celebrated her 30th birthday the day before her baby’s first birthday.

“Loving your blog,” she wrote, adding that she’s asked for new running gear for Christmas.

So I said to myself, no excuses. It may be tougher to get one`s butt out the door when the weather isn`t great, especially when there is no race on the horizon. But I am a runner, and runners run.

So off I went….


It wasn`t very cold. The only issue was a bit of slush on the sidewalks. I may have got a few foot soakers but my feet seemed to dry off pretty quickly. I didn`t bring my Garmin and didn`t have music. Just ran. Not a long one – about 5 km. But it felt great, and that was all I needed for a Sunday night.

So thank you Mom, Ruth and everyone who ever reminds me of how good it is to run, no matter the weather.


The run capped off a 19 km week, plus one BodyPump class. Not bad. Now bracing for holiday excess.


Published by

April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

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