Precious cargo

Baby bump 016

For the past 20 weeks or so, someone has been along with me for all my runs, workouts and daily adventures.

That special someone was with me when I ran my personal best half-marathon in October. They were with me when I took part in the run streak through December, and they’ve been with me for everything in between.

Yes, I’ve got a baby on board, and as my friend said today when I posted the news on Facebook, I’m finally out of the “maternity closet.”

You may have noticed I failed to set any 2014 running goals and this is why. Really, my goal for this year is to have a healthy pregnancy and become the best mother I can be!

So far, I’ve been blessed to avoid many unpleasant symptoms. I’m well into the second trimester now but I haven’t experienced much nausea, and I’ve been able to keep exercising with only holding back a bit.

After running my third half of 2013 in October – only just having found out I was pregnant – I started scaling back my mileage. I haven’t run farther than 10 K since. But I’ve kept active with at least one run a week, a couple spinning classes and strength exercises. I’d like to incorporate more yoga.


This week the bump has really started to grow and it has made everything a little more challenging. Running is getting a little uncomfortable in the stomach/bladder area but my legs and lungs still feel great. My doctors have said to keep up the exercise because for someone already active, it can only help you have a healthy pregnancy, a healthy delivery and a healthy recovery. I’ve also heard that labour is kind of like running a marathon, so keeping in shape can only be a good thing.

I am not, however, pushing myself to new fitness levels. In spinning classes, my goal is to cycle at a challenging level, but not push it beyond my current capabilities. I always focus on getting oxygen (to the baby!) and keeping relatively cool with water and air. I also bring a snack for immediately after the workout.

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to run – I certainly don’t expect to keep going until the baby is due in June – but I’ll keep at it until it’s either too hard or my doctor advises against it. Until then, baby’s coming for a ride, because this mama loves to run!



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April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

5 thoughts on “Precious cargo”

  1. Congratulations on your baby!! And way to go keeping fit, that is just fantastic… running was my favorite form of exercise, it truly is a passion. Always refreshing to meet another fit mamma. I’m also due in June!

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