Renovation central

The good thing about doing a bathroom renovation, is you have to shower at the gym.


Yes, our bathroom has been totally gutted (except our lovely toilet). Good-bye blue bathtub and 40-year-old tiles, hello granite counters and porcelain tile. Oh yes, we’ve been waiting (and saving) for this pretty much since we moved in a couple years ago. This is our southern vacation.

So basically it has forced me to get to the gym more often in the past week or so. While my work-outs were lagging in recent weeks, things are starting to turn around. Last week, I got in three cardio work-outs and went to a prenatal yoga class. This week, I had a great workout Monday, and intended on heading to the gym today, but the storm has not allowed it. That means an early morning workout/shower before I head to the office in the morning.

At the gym I’ve been using the machines for various cardio workouts then doing my own thing with the weights. I’ve used the stepper and elliptical quite a bit (whereas before I was a treadmill purist, haha). Also keeping on with a weekly spinning class, which I still love! It seems to take a little longer to warm up, but once I’m there, I’m there.

Running is starting to fall by the way-side. There is just too much weight in my front to carry. Look!

27 weeks

I still try to run a bit – more or less to save my pride – but I know it puts a lot of pressure on my pelvic area. On Saturday, after running for only about 10 minutes, walking fast for 5 minutes, and spending another 20 givin’ er on the elliptical, I was wiped. Absolutely spent. And the entire next day, my hips and pelvic area were aching badly. Yoga helps a lot. I know that my muscles are changing and stretching, so it’s all normal. Sometimes I wonder if easing off will only make those muscles weaker, or if I should keep challenging myself. Probably a question for my doctor next week.


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April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

2 thoughts on “Renovation central”

  1. Sounds like you have a fantastic routine right now. I also get the achy belly/pelvis… Which is why I power walk. I honestly have wanted to try yoga so bad, especially almost being in the third trimester now. Does it appeal to you more as you get closer to your due date? Sure has for me…

    Love the blog 🙂

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