The bathroom, and feeling faint

As of last weekend, our bathroom was finally complete. It was our first major home renovation since we moved in two years ago. Although we hired a contractor to do the work, it was still hard (especially living without a shower for more than two weeks!) Thank goodness we have another half-bath in the basement. Here are some before-and-after shots.




We’re very pleased with the outcome and it feels very grown-up to have taken this on… Now that we have a good contractor, we also feel inspired to take on more projects. Next step: new windows for our bedroom and the baby’s room.

Now that I don’t have to go to the gym to shower anymore, my workouts have been much more relaxed. That was except for my weekend spinning class, which I was enjoying right up until last weekend, in my 30th week of pregnancy.

I felt fine, energetic even, during the class. Drank what I thought was enough water. Ate a little breakfast beforehand…. but about 20 minutes after class, a feeling of faintness overcame me. I suddenly felt hot, nauseous and my head filled with black spots (to me it feels like pins and needles in my head). I was with my friend at Starbucks but was sitting at a table. I laid my head down and luckily the feeling passed. I spoke to my doctor about it (it actually wasn’t the first time this happened, but the first time post-workout), and she didn’t seem too alarmed. It was probably caused by the hot conditions in the spinning classroom. I also probably didn’t drink enough water… and yes, the class was probably a little too strenuous for me. Another ego check… time to slow down – again!

So it has been all about the walks for me this week. I know I can still workout at the gym in the cooler areas, while drinking lots of water, but just no more sweaty spinning classes. I am also still taking prenatal yoga, which I love! (Hoping to write more on that later…)

Today Mark and I went for a walk and ran for about a block just for fun. Well, it didn’t feel very fun. My legs were on fire and my breathing was heavy, not to mention the tightness in my hips. Wow… just a couple of weeks off running (and a growing belly) can make all the difference.

I hope to keep up regular exercise until the very end – I find it really helps with my energy levels. Yesterday I was such a slug. Came home after work, went out for dinner, and fell asleep by 7:30 p.m. (no word of a lie). It kind of backfired on my when I woke up starving at 4 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I stayed awake all day scurrying/nesting around the house and I don’t feel tired at all tonight. I figure it must be the fact that I kept active.

One thing is for sure: through all of this, the little bundle of joy in my belly keeps moving constantly. Someone’s having a good workout… even if it’s not me!


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April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

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