Third trimester exercise

Although strenuous activity is out the window at this point, I have still been making an effort to keep moving through this final stage of pregnancy.

Most days it hasn’t been too difficult because I’m in serious nesting mode, feeling restless and wanting to do something. Other days (like today), I feel lethargic. I am not a napper but napped today for the first time in forever.

The more seasonal spring weather has helped motivate me to get outside and just walk. Walking feels good, refreshing and energizing. I think I had underrated how pleasant it is.

A hike last weekend at 34.5 weeks


I usually aim for three to four good walks a week at a brisk pace. I’m lucky to live close to the Irving Nature Park, a beautiful spot next to the ocean, and have done the five and 6.5-km loops a few times. By the end, I’m pooped. Feels like not so long ago that I did three loops of the park during my half-marathon training. (Sometimes I can’t help but feel a little sad about how far my fitness level is from that point, but I know I’ll be back in good time.)

I also enjoy walks in my west-side neighbourhood and usually keep to a 30-40 minute walk on weeknights. One of the best things about walking vs. running is you really take in more of your surroundings. I’ve talked to and greeted more of my neighbours and taken closer notice of people’s lovely gardens and homes.

Aside from that, I have enjoyed pre-natal yoga. For six weeks, I was enrolled in a class at the Amana Institute taught by Heather MacLean-Reid. It was a wonderful, relaxing, invigorating experience and I was sorry to see it end. I was hoping to keep coming sporadically but haven’t made it back for a drop-in class since. Unfortunately, the studio is about a 30-minute drive away, but I felt like it was worth it. I also car-pooled with two of my mommy buddies. We are all due within three weeks of each other!

Jackie, me and Sarah

Lastly, I have been trying to keep up some strength exercise, since I know that’s so important to labour, delivery and recovery.

The problem has been that I was so used to tough bootcamp-style stuff that I didn’t know what to do and just sort of gave up.

For the past couple weeks, I’ve started my strength routine again with some easy-peasy stuff I found online. It’s great because I can roll out my yoga mat and get through the exercises and stretches within an hour. I only have two-pound weights at home but make the sets more challenging by upping the repetitions. I also add in more squats (done without the stability ball) and more side planks.

I say easy-peasy but truth is, by the end, I’m hot and out of breath. Not sweating, and not panting, but that’s the whole point of working out in your third trimester.

Easy does it.



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April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

4 thoughts on “Third trimester exercise”

  1. EXCITED for you!!! Trying to remember what I did at the end stages.I remember not being able to do much or I got tooooooo nasty of braxston hicks:( So I stuck with strength instead of cardio to not trigger it. For me anyway:) YEs, worth staying active but I remember being frustrated that I couldn’t do what I normally could! Proud of you and you will bounce back better after babe and feel better for taking care of yourself! Love you tons, my dear cousin! ALL the best! xo

  2. I just took a course today that taught so much about how relaxation is needed more than strengthening for prenatal time…makes sense. Relaxation of certain muscles is what allows baby to be born.

    I love your updates and your writing April. The Bruce Peninsula misses you and it is nice to be able to read a quick post to see how you are doing! 🙂

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