Easing into maternity leave

April Cunningham



For the past five years, I’ve capped off most days by writing a couple of these, followed by the news. When you have something on the screen, it’s easier to get started on the story.

Now I have a whole year of parental leave. A year to learn a new skill that I hope makes me better at everything: motherhood. (Can you add that to LinkedIn?). On Friday, after a whirlwind news week for New Brunswick, I said so-long to my work mates and headed for home.

It will be such an adjustment to focus away from news and inward toward family for the new several months. So far, about one week in, I am loving it.

With less than two weeks to go before we meet our baby, I have been bustling with energy, trying to get our home ready. I am a real list person and there are sticky notes everywhere. I have been cleaning, shopping and gardening. By the end of every day, I’m exhausted.

I planted some herbs on our deck as well as a mini-vegetable garden in our back yard.
I planted some herbs on our deck as well as a mini-vegetable garden in our back yard.


I’m still trying to go for walks at least a few times a week to keep active and fit. With this beautiful June weather, it’s not hard to find an excuse to get outside. A couple days ago, as I walked (ambled?) through our neighbourhood, another mother pushing a stroller yelled out “You go girl!” from across the street. It encouraged me to continue at a much brisker pace than normal.

Today, halfway through my walk, I got some pain through my back and couldn’t wait to get home. At first I thought it might be the start of… something. But I think I was just sore and tired. It’s always an interesting balance, keeping fit while pregnant.

Visiting Cavendish, PEI, at 36.5 weeks.
Visiting Cavendish, PEI, at 36.5 weeks.

If the baby comes by the due date (June 25), that means there are only 13 days to go. It will be gone in a flash.

My goal is to get my to-do lists taken care of now so I can relax with my husband for the rest of our pre-baby time.

What a blessing this pregnancy has been. I’m ready for motherhood. Bring it on!


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April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

2 thoughts on “Easing into maternity leave”

  1. Thoughts and prayers April!!! Read nice article in paper-you look great girl!!! Anxious to hear the gender and that you are both well!!! TC GB

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