Hello motherhood

You know you’re a new mom if:

– You find spit-up on your shoulder when you see yourself in the mirror of a public washroom

– You have a new awareness of the creaks in your floor near your baby’s room

– Your once tidy house is suddenly cluttered with baby seats, swings, playmats, car seats, baby blankets and other attire (not to mention dust)

– You find yourself humming children’s tunes you’ve memorized from baby toys

– Yoga pants and loose t-shirts are your new go-to wardrobe (which is even more limited than when you were pregnant because you refuse to buy bigger pants)

– You crave socialization but once you leave the house you can barely keep your eyes open

– You’re annoyed by TV commercials… especially the Trivago one

– You’ve learned the art of cleaning up an array of bodily fluids that seem to spurt out all at once – all while holding a baby

– You celebrate any three-hour stretch of sleep and wonder why you didn’t appreciate pre-baby sleep when you had it

– You learn that the adage “sleep when the baby sleeps” is pretty much impossible with a newborn

– You have a new appreciation for long, hot showers and blow-dried hair

– Your reading comprehension has gone way, way down

– You watch the sunrise and sunset from the same rocking chair

– Once you finally get the baby to sleep you can’t relax because you worry they’re not breathing

– You’re paranoid about every possible thing that could go wrong with your baby

– You can’t wait to see your baby grow but shed a few tears when they grow out of newborn sizes

– Your heart is fuller than ever ❤

Silas (three weeks)
Silas (three weeks)




Published by

April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

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