Baby’s first race

The mornings are cooler, the sun is bright and there’s a crispness in the air. It’s September in the Maritimes, probably the most beautiful time of the year. And for us, the Hampton 5-Miler has become a real late-summer tradition. 

Hard to believe this was the fourth year Mark and I have gone to the annual run put on by the Hampton River Runners. Of course this year was a little different with baby in tow, but still lots of fun (despite how tired I felt – and looked, ha!)




Silas and I cheered on his Daddy, Nan and our friend Kevin from the sidelines. It was a beautiful morning to hang out.

Mark after his run (45:15)
Mark after his run (45:16)
Kevin McEachern approaching the finish!
Kevin McEachern approaching the finish (35:38!)

This was Silas’s first race – hopefully the first of many. We look forward to bringing him to local runs over the years and showing him how fun running and a healthy lifestyle can be. 

Of course, having a baby to care for changes everything when it comes to attending races. Once I’m back at it, it’s likely that the days of Mark and I running the same races together will be over for a bit. And as long as I’m breastfeeding, I definitely won’t be running any halfs (even 10K might be iffy). 

As Silas and I were waiting for the gun to sound on Sunday, he started getting a little cranky. He was fighting the wrap. I bounced and jiggled and tried to get him to suck his thumb, but it was close to feeding time and he wasn’t having any of it. As Mark ran by, I smiled and waved as Silas wailed. Poor kid. 

As my hubby ran the hills of Hampton, I went back to the car where I fed and changed Silas. It took a good 30 minutes but we made it back just in time to see Kevin finish. Silas was much more relaxed and quickly fell asleep before Mark crossed. After chatting with some friends and Mark’s mom (who also completed a great run), Silas started to fuss again. Instead of staying for the awards and door prizes, we opted to head for home with our infant. We were all so tired. 

Hey, that’s life with a newborn. 

(For a trip down memory lane, checkout my race recaps from Hampton last year and in 2012


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5 thoughts on “Baby’s first race”

  1. Glad you’re getting out there! Won’t it be wonderful when Silas can hold up a handmade sign that says “Go Mommy Go!” Honestly, those ones kill me. I see those little kids on the sidelines and I basically weep as I go by. So sweet. 🙂 One day!

  2. Your gorgeous little boy changes your routine -he is the boss now and your priority-soon you will be back out there with him April!!!! Love the photos-tks for sharing! Get some sleep too -take care GB !!

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