Play dates

Silas, Brynn and Alden
Silas, Brynn and Alden

Just a few months ago, we were carpooling to prenatal yoga classes together. Now, our babies are thriving two- and three-month-olds. 

These little cuties hung out for the first time as a threesome today. Never thought we could have as much fun with a singing bear, a Bumbo chair and Sophie the giraffe

I’m so grateful to know other new moms in Saint John. We can share stories and compare notes on everything from sleep patterns to smiles and coos. It’s also nice to know we all have insecurities and we all get through the tough days one way or another. 

Play dates are awesome – especially for mommies!

I managed to get out for a different kind of play date earlier this week. Feeling more energetic these days, I took up a friend’s offer to workout together outside on Tuesday. 

I was a little timid, unsure how my postpartum body would handle the strain. But I left Silas with his daddy and off I went.



The workout, planned by my friend Jen, was great. I told her to go easy on me. I think she did, but I’m still feeling it today, so it was just right!

20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest x 4 

tricep bench dips, squats, push-ups, plank

With bursts of running in between each exercise. 

Feels good to be back at it. I think I’ll be ready for my first run very soon. 


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