The first postpartum run


I did it!

Nearly 12 weeks after the birth of my son, I finally got up the courage and quit making excuses. Today I tackled my first run post-baby. Holy crap, it was hard.

At first, it was amazing to feel the fresh air and warm sun on my face as I ran up the street. That feeling was quickly replaced by burning lungs and hot cheeks. My legs were heavy and my abs were non-existent. I felt like I was pulling a load of bricks. I stopped to walk about one kilometre along. I ran 21.1 of these last year? Three times?!

I didn’t bring a Garmin or iPod. I didn’t have a game plan in mind. It was just to lace up and go, and see how far I could handle. I veered home after about 2.5 km.

I was totally expecting the first run to be tough. After all, according to DailyMile, my last run was six months ago. Definitely have a long way to go before I go rush to sign up for a 5K (although there is one in October I have my eye on).

It’s funny how much I was looking forward to running while dreading it at the same time.

Good thing the after-glow of a run (even a tough one), still feels so good. It’s just enough encouragement to give it another try in a couple more days.



Published by

April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

8 thoughts on “The first postpartum run”

  1. YAY!! Good for you! 2.5K is an epic milestone. Congrats to you! Can’t wait to read about your continued progress. It is very inspiring. PS – your little man is the cutest thing ever.

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