A new kind of runner’s high

One year ago, I was in tip-top shape. I was five weeks pregnant. And I was about to run my third half-marathon in one season.

I was on top of the world.

I remember running one dark October night. I felt like I was sailing down Douglas Avenue. It was effortless to knock of 10 kilometres on a Wednesday night.

Amazing how things can change in just one year. Running is no longer a top priority in my life. I still like it (I think), but a lot of things have to line up for me to even get out for a run, let alone train for a race.

I was feeling a little bummed on the weekend. I had originally planned to run a 5K at a school in my neighbourhood – one of the last runs in the circuit this season. But after battling a cold all week, I didn’t get in any essential training runs. I knew I could run 5K, but it would have been hard. When my baby woke up at 5 a.m. that morning, I looked at the clock said, Nope. Not happening. 

I thought about how much things have changed in one year. A year ago I would have eagerly set my alarm, threw on some cute Lululemon gear and dashed toward the starting line. Now, I am out of breath after running one block.

I wondered if my passion for running has fizzled. Will it ever return? Is this lacklustre runner part of the new mommy-me?

But then, a day later, I did something that runners do: I laced up my shoes.

I handed my baby to my husband. And I went for a run.

And you know what? It felt OK.

It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t too hard, either. My music distracted me from hearing my laboured breath. I set my Garmin so I would run for four minutes, then walk one minute. I ran about four kilometres.

The air was crisp and cool. My cheeks were hot. I actually felt pretty good. And I realized (probably for the third or fourth time since having a baby), that I’m still a runner, and I will get back to where I was before, in good time.

When I got home, the baby was still doing OK so I hopped in the shower.

And when I got out, still vibrating with feel-good endorphins, I saw a sight that would warm the cockles of any new-mommy-heart:

Daddy had rocked his baby to sleep.



Published by

April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

4 thoughts on “A new kind of runner’s high”

  1. Oh how I’ve been where you are! It’s amazing how having a child (or more) can change the way you do things for yourself. The first year after both of my girls I would run here and there to try and loose the baby weight and get healthy/active again. It wasn’t until my youngest was one that I started running more again.
    It’s the best high for us exhausted mamas (and Dad’s too). You need to do it for yourself, whether it is running or something else. You are being such a great role model for your child – that you value being active and healthy. Good for you!

  2. Love it…runners high and mommy’s high all at once!! Best of both worlds lol…way to work for that moment 🙂 And Kudos to Mark for making some zzz’s happen!

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