Running after baby

Giving birth was hands down my greatest physical feat. Obviously.

So why did I think getting back into running would be so easy? It’s not, and it will be a gradual process to get back on my game. While I was impatient at first, now that Silas is four months old, I’m totally at peace with that, and I’m just enjoying being a mom.

But I’m starting to think about goals for 2015… and it’s exciting!

So for new mommies like me who are anxious to hit the pavement, here is some more wisdom from Caroline Mackay, of StrollerFit Saint John.

When is it safe to run after childbirth?
That depends on the individual. I know some mamas who were running a week after baby. I would never suggest this as I am appreciating my own body after second baby and how pushing yourself too hard can create pelvic/hip pain. Stick with walking until six weeks postpartum then attempting 10, 20 and 30 second jogs and working up from there. Essentially, mix short bursts of jogging into your walk and gradually increase as you feel comfortable. If you feel like you are going to pee yourself or things are still jangling around uncomfortably, then it is still too soon.How often/how far should a new mom run?
This depends on how much you ran before baby and your level of fitness throughout pregnancy and how you feel after each run. Any discomfort should be a signal to dial it back a bit, remembering that your number one job is to be a mother and you can’t take a sick day. I would encourage timed runs instead of running by distance. You want exercise to feel good.


When is it safe to run with your baby in a stroller?
Your baby should have good neck control before you run with him/her in the stroller. Six months is a safe age but many babies can hold their heads up well by four months. Take into consideration your running surface and the position of the baby in the stroller. The use of neck and head bumpers is a good idea.
A break during a StrollerFit class at Rockwood Park in September.
A break during a StrollerFit class at Rockwood Park in September.

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