See and be seen: ion review

These days, the sun seldom makes an appearance. Yes, it can be depressing, but it doesn’t have to mean an end to evening (or late-afternoon) runs.

Still, it’s important to make sure oncoming traffic can see you. This is something I have not been extremely vigilant about in the past. There are a couple scary corners in my neighbourhood where I know I should have been wearing a head lamp, or maybe even one of those blaze orange vests while running in dim conditions.

Enter ION reflective transfers: iron-on decals that make you stand out in low light.

shirt 001

Infinite Athletic Designs, a local Saint John company, approached me to review their product. Though it’s not something I normally do on my blog, I agreed with the caveat, “I’ll be honest!”

ION designs sent me three designs: flowers, “Proud to run like a girl,” and a runner girl figure. I chose to try out the runner girl first.

My first hesitation with using this product was I didn’t want to mess up any of my running gear. What if the iron-on didn’t work or left a mess? I decided to test it out on my race shirt from last year’s Legs for Literacy race in Moncton.

Each transfer comes with very specific instructions, which were easy to follow.



It tells you how to heat your iron and how long to apply heat to the transfer.

It worked like a charm!


I chose to apply the ION to the front of my shirt, since runners go against the flow of traffic.

The instructions also explain how to properly wash your garment to protect the ION. I already wash my athletic gear on cold and hang it to dry, so I think the ION will stay on just fine. (I will let you know if it doesn’t!)

The price-point of these reflective iron-ons make them very affordable, around $10 each. And they have a lot of great designs, such as this 26.2 full-marathon patch or fun phrases such as, “If I collapse, pause my Garmin.” The company also makes custom designs, perfect for run clubs or for people with their own creative ideas.

To be completely honest, under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have considered buying one of these IONs because it’s just not my style. A lot of my running gear already has some reflective details, and I really wouldn’t want to add any decals to my expensive Lululemon or Nike gear.

But now that I’m a mom, I must say that safety is more important to me. And I know that pedestrian collisions are an unfortunate reality in this – or any – city. So taking steps to improve visibility while running or doing any evening activity is important.

Now that I’ve tried it, I wouldn’t hesitate to add these iron-ons to any jacket or race shirt, but I still don’t think I’d stick one on my favourite Lulu pullover.

shirt 004


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