Work it at home


I have been so indecisive about how to proceed with my workouts as the weather gets colder.

Join the a gym? Which one? Get better winter running gear? Buy a treadmill? Wing it?

As I attempt to figure out the best option for a busy new mommy, I’ve definitely been winging it. And despite the Christmas gorging, I’ve actually been doing OK.

When the weather is nice, Silas and I get out for a walk. If it’s passable, I’ll go on my own for a short run. Sometimes I am able to sneak in a gym class with a friend. Soon we’ll be back at the pool for the mommy/baby classes. And yesterday, I took advantage of one of Silas’s trademark cat naps to squeeze in a workout surrounded by toys on my living room floor.

And folks, I am still hurting today. Guess I needed a little kick in the butt!

This is what I did:

10 squats

10 modified push-ups

10 forward lunges with each leg

30-second plank

30-second wall sit

10 kegels

Repeat the circuit five times.

It was not overly tough but I’m totally feeling it in the abs, butt and quads today!

Guess is this proof that you don’t need any fancy equipment, gym membership or even shoes to get a little sweat on.


Published by

April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

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