The state of things

I haven’t run a whole lot since the Blue Nose. To be honest, I felt pretty burnt out after that run. I really enjoyed myself, but I started thinking I was crazy to be signing up for so many runs with a little baby to care for. It’s pretty tough to wake up race-ready when you’re up in the night quite a bit.

Instead, I tried to soak up the last of maternity leave. Spending precious time with my boy, doing a little house cleaning (reverse-nesting?) and – gulp – getting ready to return to work.

Silas and I in St. Martins
Silas and I in St. Martins, NB

My cousin came to visit last week and it was so fun to get out and enjoy the (few) sunny days on the Fundy coast.


Running wasn’t really a priority, until this week, when I finally made time to get out. Sometimes I feel like a blob unless I run. Plus, I feel way less guilty eating ice cream.

Yesterday, I got a rare chance to go to the Nature Park on my own. The weather was absolutely perfect. The sun was warm and there was a breeze coming off the water. I ran the inner loop of the nature park, which is about 5 km. It’s been a while since I ran rolling hills, but it felt good. I took and easy pace and the run was so enjoyable.

I kept thinking how lucky I am. To be able to live next to the ocean. To be able to run, and enjoy it. And knowing my baby is safe and happy at home with his dad.


This was just the run I needed. Yes, I love races, and yes I’ll sign up for more. In fact, I’m planning on doing the Rave Run in Grand Bay-Westfield on Sunday.

I’d really like to run a half-marathon this year – hopefully the Marathon By the Sea.

But I’m still worried about continuing to find a balance. Especially after I return to work next week(!!).

How will I find time to run, while spending time with my son, my husband, and doing good journalism at work? How do the rest of you do it?

I’ve chopped off my hair. I’m ready for change. I just hope I can handle it.

[Sappy post on the end of maternity leave to come…]


Published by

April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

One thought on “The state of things”

  1. I love it that you are doing what feels right for you in your role as a busy new momma April. I don’t run (I have tried it and biking, dancing and yoga give me my time while looking after a knee that needs some extra love), but I can really appreciate the need for balance.

    I try and fit things in early in the day (lots of people are sleeping at 5am). I don’t always do this, but try and do 30 days of one thing. For example I am starting 30 days of journal writing next.

    It is great to read your updates. Big hugs from Ontario!

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