The Rave Run 5K

I am not a 5K racer. I am not accustomed to finding bursts of speed that last for periods of 25 to 30 minutes.

But on Sunday I found myself in Grand Bay-Westfield for the Rave Run, known for being fast and flat and almost guaranteeing you a 5K personal best.

Not to mention, it’s the provincial championships, which means double points for the New Brunswick Super Series. (SIDE NOTE: I’m in third place!! Officially addicted to points).

So yes, although Sunday was my very last day of maternity leave, I decided to run a race. Big surprise, right?

Although I was tired (as usual), and it was hot (not usual), I’m really glad I did.


The weather was gorgeous with a bright warm sun and 15 C. I think it was my first time running in a singlet all year.

Registration was effortless – in fact I arrived far too early for the 11 a.m. race and ended up waiting in my car for a while until I saw friends arriving. All funds supported phys. ed programs at River Valley Middle School.

I chatted with my experienced colleagues about how to tackle the course. And before we knew it, we were off.

Rave Run

The first half was a gradual downhill along the St. John River. At first I tried to control my pace but then I decided to just let gravity pull me faster than usual with a 4:52 min/km pace (unheard of for me!).

Halfway through, we met a hill, but I tackled the bugger and worked hard to maintain a decent pace thereafter, passing a few folks along the way.

I was hurting by the final kilometre but allowed myself to slow a bit as long as I turned on the gas for the final 500 metres.

The finish was a bit of a tease. You return to the school but do a mini loop around the driveway before crossing the finish line.

I looked down at my Garmin and was pretty impressed: 26 minutes on the nose. Wow! I guess I had never tried to run a 5K fast before, but there it was.

I placed 75th out of 132 speed demons but collected enough points to put me in third place for my age group in the Super Series, which is like the minor league standings for road races in New Brunswick. Yeah!

Silas and I enjoyed the rest of the sunny day with a walk to the Pumpkin Patch for some well-deserved ice cream. I was feeling a little nervous/emotional about my return to work. And ice cream soothes the soul.

"Where's mine, Mom?"
“Where’s mine, Mom?”

And we did I little reminiscing about the past few months, including that long old winter. So glad that’s behind us.

February vs. June
February vs. June

So now we march onward, starting a new chapter together. We’re sad our year together is through, but look forward to the exciting adventures that await.


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