Can’t miss a beat

This weekend: too much coffee, wine and delicious food. Not enough sleep or water.

Good combination for fun and relaxation. Bad combination for running.

This afternoon, I was nearly falling asleep in the car on our way home from visiting family and Mark suggested I take a nap while our toddler napped.

“No. I have to run,” I said.

“Will it really ruin your training if you just miss one run today?” he asked.


Of course that’s a lie, I would probably be fine and would have found a way to make up for today’s 7-miler (a piddly run in the grand scheme of marathon training), but I just can’t start copping out when running isn’t convenient. Because when you are a working mom, running is almost never convenient.

So I got it done, and felt better for it.

I felt particularly victorious after running up the Reversing Falls hill and past the west side’s badass welcome sign.


Now I’m four weeks in – one quarter of the way there, and I have so far managed to follow my training plan perfectly.

This week it was a Tuesday 6 km run to the bank during my lunch break, a 5 km treadmill run early Thursday morning, a 6.5 km treadmill run early Sat morning and 11.5 km along the harbour today.

Going forward, I know I need to make some tweaks to my training if I want to not feel like death while running 42.2 km in Ottawa:

  • Drink more water
  • Eat more protein. (I bought protein powder for the first time in my life today!)
  • Clean up my diet in general. I eat sort of healthy, but not great.
  • Incorporate more yoga/stretching. I do a few quick stretches after a run, but I know I should do more. I’m going to try and incorporate at least one yoga session/week and make a habit of hopping on the foam roller more often.
  • Strength train. Sigh. I have not been doing this at all the past month, and I know my body will turn into a flimsy mess if I don’t start.

Some work to do, but overall, I’m honestly enjoying this training experience. I feel grateful that I’m able to put my body to the test like this and I know running a marathon will be one of the hardest and greatest things I will ever accomplish, which to me is so incredibly motivating.





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April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

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