A little hiatus

My last long run feels like forever ago, but it was glorious.

It took place on a cloudy, Friday afternoon. I got off early from work and hit the pavement while my little man was still napping.

I ran along the harbour and through the south end of my pretty city.


I took it easy, but my pace was actually right around what I think my goal marathon pace will be at 6:30 min/km. There were many hills and I tried not to let them slow me down.

By the end of the 15.5 km run, I felt tired, but good. I made myself a protein powder smoothie and felt relieved at getting the long run out of the way before the weekend even arrived.

Now, just a few days later, I’m in the thick of a cold. I went for a short 4 km run on Tuesday just to test out my lungs, but I felt a little wheezy so I decided not to push it. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way before about running when there is any sign of congestion in the chest, and the results are not good. Who needs bronchitis when you’re marathon training? Not me.

So for now, I’m sitting a few runs out and I’m not sweating it one bit.


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April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

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