My first trip to the physiotherapist


Good news from the physiotherapist today: keep running!

As suspected, my knee pain is a result of the IT band (which runs from the hip just below the knee), which has been aggravated by a number of factors, including increased mileage and just being a mom. Turns out carrying a 30+ pound child on your hip can cause an imbalance.

And it’s all linked to my relatively weak core, glute and hip muscles. That was easy to see (especially on my affected right side) when the PT pushed against my thigh while I pushed up while lying on my side. At the end of a longer run, my hips, alignment and posture likely collapse. So I need to get stronger while running, my PT suggests. If I stop running of course it will stop hurting, but it won’t solve the problem.

I’m so, so happy to hear that all of this is manageable to continue training.

“Let pain be your guide, but don’t let it stop you,” he said. Basically, if I can muster through pain of a long run – or the marathon – it won’t do any long-term damage. And if I continue to get stronger and manage inflammation leading up to the race, I should be fine. He said he can’t promise the next few weeks to be pain free, but there is no reason to stop.

He helped me stretch, massaged the area and showed me a couple of strengthening exercises to try at home – the bridge and the clamshell – and how to do them effectively. He also gave me acupuncture, which was a first! The tiny needles didn’t bother me one bit, in fact, they actually provided relief.

So tonight I tried a slow, easy three kilometres. My IT band felt tight and there was a bit of pain around the knee, but it was low on the pain scale. The PT suggested I try a little longer run on Thursday, then continue with training from there.

I have also realized my shoes have more than 500 kilometres on them, so I’m hoping to ease into a new pair soon.

On a side note, turns on foam rolling isn’t necessarily the best option, putting too much abuse on an already strained and stretched muscle. Adding gentle pressure to a rolling pin might be just as effective, without the squish factor.

This random article seems to sum up a lot of what my physiotherapist told me, including this point: “Get your glutes firing again and maintain mindfulness of their proper use while working out.”



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