Last-minute marathon prep

Now entering the final few days before my first marathon and I’m feeling a mix of emotions. Some days I feel confident and relaxed. Other days I wonder if I’ll even cross the finish line.

This weekend’s 15 km, however, felt great. My energy levels were solid and while I felt a bit of an ache in IT band, it didn’t hurt. Now I just need to repeat that x3 next weekend! GULP.


The leaves have just popped out over the past few days and it really makes a difference in how pleasant it feels out there.


With the trip to Ottawa creeping closer, I have been trying to ensure I have all the appropriate gear. I’m writing lists like it’s nobody’s business.

What I bring and what I need is largely weather dependent, and at this point, the forecast is calling for a high of 25 C, which means I will be sweating buckets. So this weekend I picked up a few more odds and ends.

  • Fuel belt pouch: I purchased a four-bottle belt about a month ago from the Running Room, and I find it much more comfortable than my old Nike belt. This weekend after talking to the fine folks at the Running Room I decided it will probably be wise to run the marathon with the fuel belt, especially since it will be so warm. Although there will be water on the course, I think it will be good to have water/Gatorade with me at all times. This also allows me to carry a few little items in a pouch on the belt. The pouch that came with the belt was pretty small to I bought a bigger one, which will fit a phone and energy gels. I always run with a small iPod Nano tucked in my pocket, but the belt will also allow me to bring my phone, which I was wondering if I should carry. (Also thinking this opens up SnapChat opportunities, haha! @AprilRunsOn)
  • Sunglasses: I have some sporty sunnies but they sort of give me a headache. So I purchased these cheapies from Winners. They will do the trick. I may also or alternatively wear a hat. Not sure yet.


  • Running outfit: I totally splurged on a new Lulu outfit, which I bought online a week ago, but it hasn’t arrived yet. Yikes!
  • Massage stick: On the advice of my physiotherapist, (Rob Landers at ABC Physio, highly recommend), I bought one of these in place of my old foam roller. It seems to work really well and as a bonus, it’s portable!


This week I just have three runs planned of 5 and 6 km. It should feel like a breeze… the challenge will be getting prepped for the trip while handling other everyday life stuff. And truthfully, I feel pretty run down at the moment. I have avoided a cold that went through my house last week but my body is rebelling in the form of a cold sore. Still better than being sick, I guess.



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April C

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