After the marathon

I was prepared to feel a big letdown after the marathon. After such an epic life event, at least in my world, I thought I would feel sad about it all coming to a close.

Instead, life went on as usual, and after just a few days of soreness – nothing extraordinary aside from a really sore, black toenail – I felt back to the old me again.

It feels good to be back. No more hobbling around, no more stressing about miles. Just running for fun. Yes, there’s a reason why runners must allow themselves an off season. I guess since I’ve been training since Christmas, this is mine.

Still, you know me… I’m always thinking about running, the next run, the next challenge. And after months (years, really) of procrastinating, I finally found a great, used BOB Stroller. LIFE CHANGING!


Small world, it actually came from the home of one of the few other Saint John area women who ran the Ottawa marathon! Thanks Amanda!

So now, Silas and I are enjoying weeknight runs through the neighbourhood. Tonight we knocked off a pretty swift 5K. Not exactly sure of the time because I forgot to turn off my watch, but I think it was not far off 30 minutes.

I’m hoping to take him along on a couple shorter races this summer. He’s quite a side kick! He now understands that Mama went to Ottawa to “run, run, run!”

“Mama, run, stroller!” he says. My heart is full!




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April C

Writer, editor and mom in Saint John, NB.

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