Falling off the wagon on vacation

Trip Home 2018 124
Lion’s Head, Ontario.

When we packed up our family of five for a trip to Ontario last week, I was anticipating staying on track with my eating and writing a fabulous blog post about how I avoided temptation and kept on my Actual Nutrition program even while on vacation.


Instead, I got in zero runs, zero workouts (despite packing my running shoes). I ate homemade goodies galore, ice cream, wine, s’mores, probably not enough vegetables… the list goes on.

And do I feel guilty about it? Not one bit.

No apologies.

I had a wonderful time with family and friends. And although I would like to believe I can eat perfectly 95 per cent of the time to maintain and continue making progress in my health and fitness after having twins, this is not reality. And I think this vacation provided a dose of “real life” in what has honestly been a pretty sheltered experiment the past few months.

I am on maternity leave and spend the vast majority of my time at home. While I am run ragged by my three little children most of the time, I do have the luxury of spending more time than most in my kitchen, which gives me plenty of control over what I consume. I don’t think this reflects reality for most people, who face temptations at work, at social functions and in their daily lives out and about.

I do want to continue with all of the great things I have learned: eating hearty breakfasts with protein, more veggies and healthy fats and avoiding sugar and junk food. But there will always be temptations wherever I go, so I think it’s ok to figure out when it’s fine to indulge and when it’s better to turn down a treat.

After returning from vacation, it was almost like I had to teach my body all over again how it didn’t need carbs as a night snack, or sugar after every meal. Another week on the healthy train and I am just starting to feel back to more stable energy (despite my children constantly robbing me of sleep!). So I know it’s definitely worth it to keep following my Actual Nutrition plan, while making it part of my everyday life.

Some people may find it easier to say no to all treats but I know I will need to find a happy medium. With another trip planned to PEI in the near future, I want to do a better job at eating well, but of course with the odd ice cream cone mixed in. But how does one ice cream cone not lead to just a small bowl of chips, to a tasty donut at coffee time?

How do you say no to those homemade squares? Or a cake adorned with your twins’ names?

On the workout side of things, I believe the week off provided good rest for my body. I came back with no aches or pains and ready to go. I was able to pack in two short runs and four bootcamp workouts at 3rd Degree this week… which is good because this second round is already nearing its end.



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