Summer running goals

I’m now well into my second round of boot camp at 3rd Degree Training, and as I continue to work on my strength, the spring weather has me itching to set some running goals.


It’s hard to believe I have only run a handful of times since having the twins – who are now 7.5 months old. When Silas was about nine months old, I ran the Lorneville Loop, a 13-kilometre race! I’m nowhere near ready to take on such a distance but I know once I start training, the running will come back to me before long.

With three young children, the days slip by so quickly, and I feel like I need to go ahead and set race goals so I have incentive to get out and run, or else the time will just float by and my mat leave will be gone.

St. Andrews Father’s Day 5-Miler – June 17 – I have run this challenging course twice before – once in blazing heat, and once in pouring rain. Maybe this will be my lucky year and the weather will be perfect. This gives me six weeks to train and lines up with the end of this round of boot camp. A great way to celebrate! Not to mention honouring my awesome husband and father to three under three.

Marathon by the Sea 10K – August 12 – I want to be good to my body and avoid jumping into distance running too quickly. Training for a 10K is a great way to continue to increase my mileage without sacrificing my weekends to long runs away from my kids. A quick look at the Marathon By the Sea website indicates this run crosses Saint John’s Harbour Bridge, which is an amazing experience. There are lots of hills, so definitely not expecting a personal best, but Marathon by the Sea is always a hometown favourite.

To get myself back in running shape, I need to start getting the miles in. Doing this while completing another boot camp may be a little challenging, but I hope to attempt 2-3 runs a week in addition to my 3-4 workouts at 3rd Degree. The great thing about this is my stronger body should make me a stronger runner less prone to aches and pains.

I’m also still following my custom Actual Nutrition guide and avoiding treats except for special occasions, so I am curious to see how this impacts my running.

I’m still breastfeeding the twins, although they continue to eat an increasing amount of solids. So I still need to consume plenty of calories to keep us all going. As I gradually start weaning this summer, my mileage will be increasing so I will be able to pare down the volume of food a bit, but probably not by a ton. Ah yes, one of the greatest benefits of running is the food.




Work it at home


I have been so indecisive about how to proceed with my workouts as the weather gets colder.

Join the a gym? Which one? Get better winter running gear? Buy a treadmill? Wing it?

As I attempt to figure out the best option for a busy new mommy, I’ve definitely been winging it. And despite the Christmas gorging, I’ve actually been doing OK.

When the weather is nice, Silas and I get out for a walk. If it’s passable, I’ll go on my own for a short run. Sometimes I am able to sneak in a gym class with a friend. Soon we’ll be back at the pool for the mommy/baby classes. And yesterday, I took advantage of one of Silas’s trademark cat naps to squeeze in a workout surrounded by toys on my living room floor.

And folks, I am still hurting today. Guess I needed a little kick in the butt!

This is what I did:

10 squats

10 modified push-ups

10 forward lunges with each leg

30-second plank

30-second wall sit

10 kegels

Repeat the circuit five times.

It was not overly tough but I’m totally feeling it in the abs, butt and quads today!

Guess is this proof that you don’t need any fancy equipment, gym membership or even shoes to get a little sweat on.

Dabbling in CrossFit

I am a new kind of tired.

Like empty-the-tank tired.

Training for a half-marathon is tough enough, but adding new, challenging exercise to the mix is zapping my energy.

Now, what kind of crazy person would start a new workout routine less than a month before a half-marathon? I’m nodding my head. Me.

But I’m not alone, at least not on the crazy, new exercise routine front:

Julie, Amy and April
Julie, Amy and April (missing is Jen)

Some great friends and I have decided to take our first plunge into CrossFit, a strength and conditioning program that is taking the world by storm.

We joined a six-week bootcamp, with classes twice a week. It should give us a real taste of the CrossFit world, and, two weeks in, I think we already have a pretty good idea.

CrossFit describes its program as “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.” Workouts are typically short and intense, demanding all-out physical exertion.

The classes usually consist of a warm-up, learning new moves, the workout and stretching.

The workouts are usually only 10-15 minutes but they leave you completely drained.

Tonight, the workout was done in pairs. We each ran 400 metres, then split 100 kettleballs, 100 push-ups, 200 flutter kicks, then ran together for another 400 metres. Trust me, it’s so much harder than it sounds. The push-ups are my least favourite. I feel like I have zero upper-body strength.

The classes are a little competitive. Each workout is timed, which I kind of like because it pushes you that little bit harder. Jen and I kicked some butt tonight but didn’t manage to beat the stealth of Julie and Amy.


After the workout, we were blessed with a “special treat.” Squats done in tabata intervals. I don’t even have the energy to explain (nor can I tackle household stairs).

The classes feel so exhilarating and terrible all at once. I guess that’s the point.

Now I only hope I’m not limping too much tomorrow for my planned 8K easy run, my last training run for the YSJ 10K on Saturday.