Working out is better with friends

Most of my friends know  if they are planning a visit to New Brunswick, they better pack running shoes.

For Miranda, my friend of 15 years and blogger of Thoughts and Pavement, this was a given during her recent visit here from the United Kingdom.

Since I have managed to get in four HIIT workouts each week since starting at 3rd Degree Training 11 weeks ago, I wanted to find a way to stay on track while enjoying her visit. So I signed us up for the weekly Co-Ed Weight Circuit on Saturday morning, a great way to try something new while taking part in a class that is open to non-members.

The weight circuit is different from regular classes because the workout includes the use of equipment, including kettle bells, battle ropes, a spin bike and weights. It’s a fun way to mix things up at the end of the week with a guaranteed sweat.

Feeling badass on the battle ropes!

Miranda is always up for a challenge and totally killed this workout. My red face shows this was a good challenge for me as well.


Seeing Miranda this past weekend was a reminder to me just how special it is to have friends who share this passion for health, wellness and physical activity. I am lucky enough to have many friends – both nearby and far away – who like to lace up and go for a run or try a workout class when we’re together.

There’s nothing better than getting lost in conversation on a run (even if it’s breathless, for me) or enjoying a feeling of tackling a tough workout together with a friend. I’m so grateful for all my workout buddies – you know who you are.

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Exactly one year ago today, I was running the @geneva_marathon_for_unicef! Today, I’m in Saint John, New Brunswick hanging out with the amazing @aprilacunningham and her beautiful family. This one inspires me daily. Mom of three boys, she attends boot camp 4x a week and runs regularly. Yesterday she took me on a little jaunt around Harbour Passage trail. What a beautiful place to run with the brisk ocean air in our face! In a week, when I’m running the @rungatwick half marathon, I’ll try to remember that feeling. I’m undertrained and not ready, but I’m running for @neurokinex kids, a very worthy charity that provides rehab for children with spinal cord injuries. There’s a link to my JustGiving page in my latest blog post [Link in bio] Now, off to enjoy my last day with the fam! #friendswhorun #canada #saintjohn #harbourpassage #happyrunners

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